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Mrs Alexander Y6

Welcome back to Alverton! Mrs Broadbent, Mrs Turner and I hope that you had a lovely holiday, with lots of time for the children to refresh and recharge. Now that the new term is starting, we thought you might appreciate a quick word about what’s going on in Year 6 this term.

Our main topic for the first part of this year is ‘AD 900’, which is all about the Mayan civilisation of South America. Because this year is ‘The Year of Books’, special story books have been picked around this topic in order to really stimulate the children’s imagination and creativity. Later on in the second part of the term, the learning focus will shift to ‘Rivers’, again ably supported by a particular story. Early next year, we will be using the book ‘Streetchild’ as a foundation for exploring how the local area has changed over time, and in the summer term we’ll be taking ‘Fairgrounds’ as our topic, with plenty of opportunities for some design and technology work. SATs will of course happen towards the end of the first half of the summer term, but there will be plenty of art and design throughout the year.

Although we expect the children to work hard and always make the best effort they can, Year 6 is also about becoming more independent (yet also being able to work collaboratively when appropriate) and learning how to take responsibility. In Year 6, we ask that children read for ten minutes every single day - ideally aloud to an adult or another sibling – with a parent or carer signing their planner. As well as this daily opportunity to escape into exciting new horizons that only reading can offer, homework will generally be set on Wednesday, to be brought into school on the following Monday.

In order to consolidate the children’s learning, we are planning the following trips:

  • An archaeological dig at the site of the former Northallerton Prison*
  • Crucial Crew at RAF Leeming*
  • The Nissan factory in Sunderland*
  • Exploring the streams and landscape at Osmotherely
  • Dressing up as a Victorian pauper to fully immerse themselves at the Ripon Workhouse Museum
  • A grand day out in the summer term to celebrate all the effort the children will have put into their learning: Jump 360, a picnic and play in the park, Air Trail and McDonalds**

So as you can see, there is a great deal happening in this final year at Alverton. I hope that your child is ready for the challenge and up for some fun; I know that we certainly are! Please remember too that our door is always open should you wish to discuss anything about which you may be concerned.

Here’s to a great year!

Why not look at these websites together and explore our exciting new topic, AD900? page 1

The following websites are useful for additional resources to complement Year 6 learning:

English, Maths and Science.
literacy shed
poetry archive key stage 2

Newsround (a useful source of news and current affairs)

Ways to help your child at home.
By reading with your child for just 10 minutes each day, including weekends and holidays, you help to make your child a more confident reader who takes a real interest in books. Homework, usually literacy or numeracy based, and  spelling, will generally be sent home on Wednesdays and expected in school for marking on Mondays. All homework completed is expected to be in line with the school's work presentation policy.
All children in Y6 need to know their times tables up to 12 x 12, and the associated division facts. A really fun, yet effective, way of gaining instant recall, is to take a deck of playing cards, and with ace as 1, jacks as 11, queens as 12, kings as 13 and jokers as 0, turn over a card at a time, and starting with the 2 x tables, ask your child to tell you the answer eg a queen x 2 would be 24. How fast can they go? These can be inverted to work with division calculations.

Finally, don't forget to ask your child if they can tell you how to keep themselves safe when using any device to be online. Thanks to the Safer Internet Day activities, the children should be well-versed in all the tricks and tips needed to help them to keep as safe and sound as possible!


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