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Mrs Routledge

The children are half way through the school year. They continue to work well and the progress is evident. We have lots to look forward to in the remaining months and as the weather improves we will be using our lovely school grounds to develop our learning further

Our topic is "A Day in the life of ... " and as the title suggests the children will be learning about Famous People.  Again, if you have any concerns or would like to share information on your child - remember Alverton has an open door policy and an opportunity will always be made for you to see myself or Mr Linsley.

In Numeracy  - we will continue to  develop number concepts. We will be combining amounts of money to make a particular value and finding the total of different tcombinations of coins . We are learning to tell and write the time to the nearest 5 minutes and to draw the hands on a clock face to show these times.

In Literacy - we will be learning to write a letter.  We will be developing punctuation and trying to consistently use capital letters and full stops in writing. In addition  to punctuation we will see an increase in the use of correct grammar and will be teaching this throughout the primary years.

International Learning - We will be linking this learning to the topic and looking at celebrations all over the world.

In Y2 we are lucky to have Mr Macfarlane who is a final year teaching student. He will be enjoying working with your children and developing their learning.

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