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English is at the heart of our Curriculum.  We teach our pupils to read, write, speak and listen to promote not only enjoyment but also to allow children to participate fully in society.  We give our children opportunities to develop their language skills throughout all aspects of the Curriculum.

“The more that you read, the more things you will know. The more you learn, the more places you’ll go.”— Dr. Seuss, “I Can Read With My Eyes Shut!”

Year of Reading for Pleasure

2020 – 21 is our year of Reading for Pleasure.

Year of Oracy

2019 – 20 was our year of Oracy.

Vibrant Vocabulary

2018 – 19 was our year of Vibrant Vocabulary.

Year of Books

2017-18 was our fabulous Year of Books.

Phonics and Early Reading

Systematic Synthetic Phonics is taught in EYFS and Key Stage 1 using Letters and Sounds.  Daily phonics lessons ensure the children use appropriate strategies to decode, blend, segment and read for meaning. Lessons also incorporate speed writing of common exception and high frequency words. 

In order for pupils to apply their phonic knowledge, they read in small groups, with an adult. Over the course of the week, the groups read their book three times, each time focussing on a different aspect of reading: 1. Decoding   2. Fluency and Expression   3. Comprehension.

Pupils are individually assessed on their phonics knowledge and a phonically decodable book is assigned to them to read at home. Our aim is for children to read the same book 3 times at home following the same procedures as in school.

 Click on the pictures for video guides from Letters and Sounds.                                          Click here for phonics and early reading information

             Guide to Pronunciation                                               Guide to Tricky Words              Click here for daily videos for Reception and Y1


Reading at KS2

Reading is taught through a variety of schemes This is supplemented using real books. All pupils receive a high quality guided reading session at least once a week as well as the whole class teaching of specific reading skills.

Every child will have a home/school reading diary and the opportunity to take home an appropriately levelled book. As reading skills develop, home readers will incorporate different schemes, popular children's authors and non-fiction books.  Parents are asked to support school by commenting in the diary.  Children are expected to read daily at home. This may include newspapers, comics, magazines, library books etc. Home readers will not be changed daily but will be changed when appropriate.

We have a creative approach to the curriculum with reading at its heart and integrate both core and foundation subjects around a theme. The themes are introduced through a class book to motivate and inspire a love of reading and writing.   Children will enjoy a class reader every day.


We aim to teach our children to write effectively in a variety of genre, throughout the Curriculum.  Inspiration will come from many areas but will primarily be driven by reading.


Teachers use the Nelson Grammar Scheme to plan and deliver daily focussed grammar lessons.  Specific links will be made between reading, writing and grammar and children are expected to use the grammar they have been taught in their independent writing.


In EYFS and KS1 children develop their spelling ability using Letters and Sounds.

In KS2 children follow the Read Write Inc Spelling Programme to develop children’s knowledge of spelling patterns and rules.

 Click here for Reading Progression Document

Click here for Word Reading Progression Document

Click here for Grammar Progression Document

Click here for Writing Progression Document

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