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At Alverton, we understand clearly our responsibility in preparing children, whatever their needs, for their next stage of education and for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life, laying the foundations so that they can take their place successfully in modern British society and the wider world. We have every reason to believe that here, at Alverton, we are succeeding in this vital role.

E-safety at Alverton is underpinned in everything we do when using any form of technology. From an early age, children are taught not only how to recognise dangers and report them, but also about ways to minimise risks to themselves. In addition, children are consistently informed that they have their own responsibility to ensure that whatever they post online does not harm others. They are taught that the Alverton values of care, honesty and trust apply just as much online as they do in school. Each year, the Safer Internet Day activities consolidate our teaching. Should any child have any grievances regarding online use, in and out of school, robust recording and reporting methods are fully understood by all members of the school community. Regular training for staff regarding online safety ensures that all members of the Alverton teaching community are fully prepared to deal with any issues that may arise.

The recent hiatus in formal, school-based learning has meant that apps such as Seesaw have really been pivotal in helping children to remain in touch and connected with each other. Used in school as a metacognitive learning tool, Seesaw has allowed children to continue with their collaborative learning out of school whilst providing much-needed reassurance of still being part of a class within the Alverton school community.  We recommend that parents use the websites below to find activities that help promote online safety at home.

Useful websites promoting online safety                                                                                        Home activity packs for children aged 4 - 5                          Home activity packs for children aged 5 - 7                              Home activity packs for children aged 8 - 10




The Computing curriculum at Alverton goes from strength to strength. Children are taught specific computing skills in a series of formal lessons. These skills are then applied independently by the children across the curriculum in a variety of contexts so that pupils are able to consolidate their computing teaching by applying their knowledge to report on, compare and generally explore all aspects of the rest of the curriculum. Ipads are now very much part of everyday learning, with each class having a specific allocation and an opportunity to book more, should they be required. The ICT suite, much envied by other schools, has now been updated with new computers, enabling children, regardless of ability, to work and research better than ever before, as well as using the Green Screen to create all manner of films and backdrops, while the CTOUCH boards in every classroom allow all kinds of multi-faceted learning to thrive. The results of this improvement in hardware have meant that attainment in Computing at Alverton is on course to reach the highest standards the school has seen. Children are fluent in using different operating platforms, a variety of internet browsers and can cope with using many programs and apps. Our Digital Leaders are always on hand to help out where needed in order to facilitate the smooth delivery of the Computing curriculum…or to ensure that everyday technology applications are primed and ready to go. 

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We are justly proud of our Code Club. As well as teaching the children how to work both independently and alongside others, having to trawl through many steps to try and identify what has gone wrong and how has meant that children who attend Code Club have been able to really develop their resilience. Now in its fifth year with Richard (our Code Club volunteer tutor) at the helm, the children have been able to embark on all kinds of projects using not only Scratch but also using Microbits hardware and programming in Python. Code Club has provided an opportunity for children across KS2, from the youngest to the oldest, to really get to grips with debugging and problem-solving, using a variety of creative methods.










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