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Mrs Kirby FS2


FS2 Autumn Term Newsletter


Dear Parents & Carers,

A warm welcome to Alverton School .


We will continue to learn new digraphs and will be putting the sounds together to blend for reading and to separate them to segment for spelling.  Please support your child by putting the sounds they bring home together to make words for them to blend to read, for example; sh o p  shop,  ch i p  chip, th i n  thin.  Please  support your child in reading the tricky words we send home.


Language and Literacy

We will be learning to describe story settings, events and characters in traditional tales.  To retell a 5 part story by creating a story map and using the language; Once upon a time first/next/then/finally and happily ever after.  To read words and simple sentences and to begin to form our letters correctly to write.



We will be learning to :

  • separate a group of objects in different ways, beginning to recognise the total is still the same. 
  • estimate how many objects we can see and then counting to check.
  • use the vocabulary involved in adding and subtracting.
  • record calculations.
  • use names for 2D and 3D shapes
  • order items by weight or capacity.


Our topic is ’Once upon a time’.  We will listen to a range of traditional tales and through these stories we will discuss feeling hungry and eating at regular intervals. We will learn about healthy eating. Through the characters and events we will consider the consequences of how some words and actions can hurt others feelings and we will begin to be aware of our own feelings. We will talk about how things happen and how thing work.



Snack—Fresh fruit, water and milk are available daily for your child.

PE—kits are needed every Monday and Wednesday (PE kits can be kept in school). 

Phonics packets and reading books are needed in school every day.


Many thanks for all your support,    

Mrs Kirby


































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