Mrs Stockdale (FS1)

Welcome to Nursery

In nursery, we provide the ideal start for a child to develop their confidence as a playful, motivated and independent learner, within a safe and caring, yet vibrant and enriching setting.  Children are consistently encouraged to freely enjoy both the captivating indoor and challenging outdoor learning environments; accessing stimulating resources and developing their natural impulse to explore through play.

We provide varied opportunities to build communication and language skills, whilst celebrating the children’s cultures and communities, nurturing their self-esteem, encouraging problem solving abilities and promoting good social skills.  We enjoy celebrating successes, whether big or small, and encourage our children to explore, discover, create and make progress at their own individual pace; giving each child a sense of achievement.

Our School’s 3 core values underpin all aspects of school life.  These are ‘Care, Trust and Honesty’.  Our vision is that all children achieve their potential and develop into caring responsible and hardworking citizens and these are firmly embedded in our daily routine; as we encourage the children to build upon their independence, persevere, develop good manners and then inspire others to do the same.

We take good care to work in partnership with parents/carers to ensure a smooth transition from your home to our nursery setting.

EYFS leader: Mrs Kelly Kirby
Nursery lead teacher: Mrs Julie Stockdale
Nursery teacher: Mrs Lucy Eastwood


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