Mrs Kirby (FS2)

Welcome to Reception

In reception we provide a stimulating and engaging environment, which is both protective yet supportive of the children’s well-being. We believe that a classroom where children feel valued and can grow in confidence, helps them to feel happy, settled and secure.  Our child-centred approach aims to support each child to develop holistically and at their own pace.  We provide an enabling environment, promoting communication and language skills, whilst ensuring that learning is engaging and enjoyable.

Learning happens through investigation, exploring and immersive, hands-on experiences within a play based curriculum.  We are dedicated to bringing out the best in the children and set achievable challenges and always encourage them to try their best.  Our children are provided with many varied opportunities to develop and we nurture their confidence so that they can all make positive steps towards achieving their potential.

We value the importance of the outdoor environment, ensuring that children have the opportunity to learn about the world around them, in a natural and safe space.  Children are allowed to take managed risks, which both supports their growth and allows them to become critical thinkers and confident independent learners.  Every child has their own learning journey, which documents the progression and own unique experience throughout their time in reception.


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