Phonics and Early Reading are taught using a phonics scheme called ‘Little Wandle – Letters and Sounds Revised’. This is a Department for Education approved scheme and we have been delighted to see the positive impact that it has had on the children’s reading skills, since starting the scheme in November 2021.

Phonics Teaching

The children in KS1 and Reception have a phonics lesson every morning in their year groups. In these lessons they learn letter sounds and blending (how to put letter sounds together to read words). Any child who is struggling will receive regular keep-up or catch-up sessions.

Reading Practice Groups

Children also take part in reading practice groups every Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday. They are organised into small groups and they use their phonic knowledge to read books matched to their level of phonic skill. All the books are phonetically decodable and are part of our Little Wandle scheme.  In these sessions children learn to decode (break words into sounds), read their book with expression and then discuss their understanding of what they have read.

Home reading

Each week the children bring home 2 reading books – a ‘real’ book to read for pleasure and a ‘scheme’ book to practice their phonics skills.
We ask that parents read with their child each night.

Should I expect the children to be able to read these books by themselves?

‘Real’ book

No. The children will probably not be able to read this book independently. This book is to give families a book to share, read together and talk about. Snuggle up, relax and enjoy reading!

‘Scheme’ book

Yes. The children should be able to read 95% of the words themselves – there might be a few that they need help with. This is the same book they have already worked on in their reading group. This book gives the children a chance to practice reading fluently and show off and practice their phonics skills. They should read with expression and be able to talk about the book. Listen to them reading it and discuss what they have read with them. There are useful pointers inside the front cover of each book to help.

How can parents support their children’s reading and phonics?

Make sure that books are returned on Mondays.

Complete reading records so teachers know when the children have read.

Share the real and scheme books that the children bring home as often as you can.


How can I find out more?