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Nursery Mrs Stockdale and Miss Melville


“What is my child learning in Nursery?”


“Nursery Rhymes are Fun!”


This Half Term “kicks off” with us being involved in a Whole School Project with KS1 and EYFS planning work based on The Three Little Pigs story. We will build houses, learning about materials, construction, shape, size, number and lots of practical skills also. It will be great fun!


Expressive Art and Design

. We will move to music, exploring making our own sounds and rhythms. We will learn new songs and rhymes with lots of actions.

. We will use different media to capture different effects and explore texture.

. We will develop stories in our play and share them with friends. We will perform our own stories and narratives in play and Focus Sessions

. We will explore ‘making’ and produce a variety of things to take home, learning to cut, stick and use simple tools.

. We will explore different materials as we make and build. We will judge how successful our work has been and solve problems as we try to make things better (tricky!)


Physical Development

. We will develop our large and smaller bodily movements in lots of different contexts. We will move ourselves in varied ways and explore climbing equipment with increased skill and confidence..

We will develop and refine balancing skills as we explore apparatus inside and outside.We will use 1 handed tools such a scissors, glue spreaders, hole punches etc. We will construct using lots of varied materials and learn to join in different ways.

We will develop skills in holding and controlling our pencil/pen/ brush etc when markmaking, refining our control as we make marks for meaning..  We may copy letter and number shapes.

. We will become more independent by trying hard to put on/remove and hang up our own coats, aprons, bags etc, shoes and socks off and on again for PE 

.We will pour our own drink at Snacktime and chose our own snack.

We will try hard to use the toilet appropriately, wash our hands after. We will clean our own teeth daily after Lunch and understand the importance of doing this.


Understanding the World

.We will use our experiences to talk about significant events in our lives.. We will observe our environment (man-made and natural) and talk about what we see. We will try to explain things.

We will talk about our homes/houses.

We will explore our surroundings and learn to name the different materials we see such as metal, wood, brick etc. We will consider how they are used for building and why?.

 We will explore how different materials have different qualities which make them suitable for certain purposes



. We will explore number and quantity through songs, rhymes, games and Numicon and numerals. We will learn to recognise numerals and use counting to quantify in Focus Sessions and our everyday play experiences

We will show amounts with fingers, our own symbols and the numerals we can write ourselves. We will use suitable words to describe quantities in our play and Focus Sessions. We will explore how quantities change when more is added OR removed and use real objects to make mathematical deductions

We will explore quantity and shape as we use different materials to construct and build. We will begin to identify and shapes as we are playing and choose suitable ones for our purpose.

We will use special words to order objects, describe size, position  and time.

We will measure informally by direct comparison and use words to describe what we see

Communication and Language

. We will listen carefully to others and join in with talk appropriately. We will try hard to listen to stories quietly and recall what we have heard.

. We will respond to instructions of many different types, showing our understanding

. We will use talk in lots of different contexts and learn new words. We will become more confident communicators with adults and our peers.

. We will begin to understand “Why?” and “How?” questions and answer them.

. We will try hard to use talk to explain our thinking

. We will show our understanding of tricky words describing position such as “Under” and “Behind”

. We will begin to ask questions when we want to know something

. We will enjoy communicating with others in a safe and stimulating environment, not being afraid or reticent to express our needs and ideas.


. We will experience a  wide range of stories, rhymes and songs, talking about what we have heard.. We will join in with class singing and remember lots of new words anticipating what comes next in songs and rhymes.

. We will handle books carefully, learning that both pictures and print give us meaning. We will take increased notice of the letters that make up our names and explore familiar environmental print with support from an adult

. We will use our own marks to convey meaning and try to write our own names (HA children). HA children will learn to listen carefully to the sounds of words, their syllables and rhythm exploring these through Focus Sessions

. We will make our own narratives through drawing, early writing and talking. We will start to use our own marks and pictures to communicate meaning

.We will talk about the stories we have heard and appreciate special “story words” as our attention is drawn to them. We will begin to become familiar with “Story Language” and it’s conventions

 Personal, Social, Emotional Development

. We will come into Nursery happily and choose what we want to do.

. We will express our needs and ask for help if we need it.

. We will begin to understand and respond well to classroom rules, routines and expectations.

. We will start to play with others, make new friends, share toys and take turns.

. We will try new things in Nursery and behave appropriately in different social situations supported by adults

. We will be proud of our own achievements and get the chance to show/talk about what we have done


































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